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Dahlya Fashion is a company that produces innovative products, with the motto *innovative*elegant*practical* we steadfast with our standard 1. X10der Dahlya - is a garment that extend short sleeve and short shirt. Our products has been listed in the Perbadanan Harta Intelek under the category of Intellectual Property Industrial Design. This product has huge market potential, since we marketed the product in 2009, the response is overwhelming. Many are satisfied with the design and quality.
Business Info:
Company Name:Dahlya Fashion
Business Type:Enterprise
Year Founded:2009
Industry:Clothing & Apparel
Contact Info:
Telephone:016 206 2223
Products / Services:
  • x10der Dahlya
  • Dahlya Button
  • Dahlya Shawl Button
  • Dahlya Inner Shawl
Investment Info:
Amount sought by 31 Dec 2011:
RM 330,000
Days left: 0 Day
Amount Gained: RM 20
Amount Outstanding: RM 329,980
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